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Meet KimBella, the founder and creator of The Solo Esthetician, an influencer brand and resource concierge for the esthetic industry, with a Facebook community hosting over 90k esthetic professionals worldwide. KimBella is a seasoned esthetician with over 15 years of experience and a leading voice in the field. Specializing in helping aspiring estheticians build solo careers, she focuses on imparting the essential fundamentals and mindset required for success. 

KimBella's belief is simple: without this foundation, opportunities are missed. Get ready to be inspired and empowered by KimBella's insights on the panel of beauty Esthetic professionals. I specialize in providing mentorship sessions to aspiring estheticians who are building solo careers. My philosophy and teaching focus on the importance of having the right mindset and foundation to scale a successful solo business. During these sessions, I guide my mentees through 10 essential steps that they must do and agree to:

By following these principles, my mentees are equipped with the necessary tools and mindset to thrive as solo estheticians and build a successful business.

Trucker Hats "I'm a Solo Esthetician. What's your super power?"

Introducing our Pink and White Trucker Hat: "I'm a Solo Esthetician. What's Your Superpower?"

Are you a proud solo esthetician looking to showcase your unique skills and stand out from the crowd? Our pink and white Trucker Hat is the perfect accessory to express your passion for the aesthetic industry while adding a touch of style to your everyday look.


We’re beyond excited to announce the release of our founder KimBella’s latest ebook. Say hello to “The Social and Solo Esthetician Guide to Mastering Business Growth” - the ultimate go-to resource for all aspiring estheticians and beauty entrepreneurs.

This 50-page downloadable e-book is not your average read. It’s a trusted companion that will walk you through every step of building a thriving aesthetic business and establishing a powerful digital presence.

Packed with invaluable insights and proven strategies, this comprehensive guide is your secret weapon to achieving your professional goals in the beauty industry. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming to take your existing business to new heights, this ebook is an absolute must-have.

Don’t miss out on this game-changer that will transform your career!

The Solo Esthetician 2024 Calendar

With this calendar, you'll have all the tools you need to deliver exceptional results and exceed client expectations. Get ready to take your skincare game to the next level! Purchase this incredible digital product for only $19.99 - a small investment for tremendous value.

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