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We help Solo Estheticians grow their business through community, resources and support.


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Interview with Makeup Artist Of The Year, Caitlin Bowers

March 28, 20247 min read


Meet Caitlin Bowers

At this year's skincare competition, The Skin Games, our content director and media specialist, Breana, had the opportunity to witness an exceptional moment when Caitlin Bowers, a licensed aesthetician and experienced makeup artist, received a prestigious award. Read the complete interview with Caitlin, who was crowned Make-Up Artist of the Year at The Skin Games 2023-2024!

Can you tell us about your experience participating in the Skin Games competition and what winning the Make Up Artist of the Year title means to you?

When I tell you, I was not even going to this competition in the year 2024, BUT GOD really made a way out of no way for me. I found out about The Skin Games this year after obtaining my esthetics license in January. At the time, I was looking to attend a few events within the nation that would give me more insight on our industry. Although I've been a makeup artist for the past 8 years, I knew I needed to broaden my horizon if I truly wanted to offer more services within my business and ultimately give back to this industry in the form of education.

As the two week deadline approached, I did not have the financial means to register for The Skin Games, or all 3 makeup categories, but with a little faith and kind-hearted donations, I was placed in all 3 categories without coming out of pocket for one. Talk about blessings!

The Skin Games Experience

Caitlin Bowers, Makeup Artist Of The Year, The Skin Games 2023-2024

The Skin Games was all I dreamed of it being and more. I recall introducing myself to the judges on the Friday that began the competition. I stood proudly at the judges table and introduced myself to all five judges and my competitors. I answered the questions, "Who are you, how many years have you been doing makeup, and why the skin games?" while simultaneously trying not to panic with excitement. I kept it cool and let everyone know the history of my time as a makeup artist, and that I was there to get out of my comfort zone. I believe the only way to grow in life is to do the uncomfortable things that only your Holy Spirit can guide you to and through. These are the things you dream about, but never understand how they can become a reality. This is what the Skin Games was for me. An opportunity for the ultimate form of validation within myself, my artistry and to make a dream come true.

The Skin Games Makeup Competition

Caitlin Bowers, Makeup Artist Of The Year, The Skin Games 2023-2024

The Skin Games allowed me to put my timing on application to the test, along with my public speaking skills. I had to create 3 different looks for each category in the makeup competition: bridal, avant-garde, and corrective makeup. Not to brag, but I had the best models in my mom and my good friend who is also a licensed esthetician. After each look was completed, I presented each to the judges and explained what products I utilized and how I chose to apply the makeup based on the criteria of each category. In my opinion, my avant-garde look turned the most heads because it resonated with the theme of the competition this year, Hollywood aligned with the stars. My friend definitely looked like she belonged on the walk of fame! I had a great feeling about the work I did for the competition and I knew there was something big on the way by the time awards night came. I put my all into curating the looks and preparing myself for a moment like this. I knew that I would win something well deserved when the time came. I am blessed to now be the 2024 Makeup Artist of the Year and I am grateful to this platform for opening the doors for my artistry and brand to grow as the year unfolds. I wear this title proudly. It allows me to look at the present more than ever. All we have is the present moment to be the best version of ourselves we can be. I am proud to be a winner, because that is who I'm called to be.

What techniques and skills did you showcase during the competition that you believe set you apart from other contestants?

One of the techniques I utilized for the competition is my signature soft glam look I named, the Manna Touch. I applied skincare products like Strobe Cream by MAC, Dermablend Insta-grip Jelly Primer, and Mehron Cosmetics Correct-It Palette to both models. This combination and technique makes the base flawless and long lasting for any natural glam. I did not use bold colors on my models. I wanted to enhance their natural beauty without creating any distractions from their facial features. All eyeshadow looks were natural smoky browns from Juvia's place and shimmer pigments from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The facial highlight and contour shades complimented the undertones of both of my models. All of the base products were cream and I set with Dermablend's Translucent Powder. I decided to keep the lips nude using a pink gloss and lipstick. I did a bold red lip and rhinestones all over the face for my avant-garde look, paired with the Manna Touch.

Caitlin Bowers, Makeup Artist Of The Year, The Skin Games 2023-2024

I believe a skill that I possess in my artistry is time management. This is a blessing and a curse in some cases. I was able to finish each application for the category about 20 minutes before time was called. This allowed me to really examine my work and make sure I was ready to present. I'm positive this set me apart from my competitors and showed the judges that I move swiftly, yet precisely. I believe all of my competitors brought a unique technique or skill to the game. It was beautiful to watch each model come to life after the artist completed their looks. It really showed how differently we highlight and accentuate what we see.

How do you plan to leverage your success in the Skin Games competition to further develop your career as a make-up artist?

Caitlin Bowers, Makeup Artist Of The Year, The Skin Games 2023-2024

This is a great question, because although I have thought about how I could leverage my success, I don't think I've even begun to understand the doors this have now opened for me. Truthfully, building a successful brand and being good at what you do takes much time. I feel as though I've reached a peak in my artistry skills and now have validation in my talents and abilities. Contrary, I also feel like I'm just beginning to build my brand, Manna Aesthetics & Co., and I have so much more to learn about sustaining it all. By the end of this year, I want to be well versed in all categories of makeup. From bridal to special effects, television, film, and more editorial looks. I would also love to gain an opportunity to work alongside estheticians within a med spa or spa environment, so that I can gain more knowledge on skincare treatments and practices. I would love to curate and host makeup classes and one on one lessons for women in Houston or nationwide. Lastly, I am seeking to build community with other artists who have decades of experience and/or those that are trying to build great clientele, like myself. I hope to put other beauty businesses on the map through my own platform. I want to see all artists, estheticians and beauty bosses win. And we can all win when we root for the next woman to do so.

Caitlin Bowers, Makeup Artist Of The Year, The Skin Games 2023-2024

The Skin Games allowed me to see that although people of color have come a long way, we still have a long way to go within this industry. We are in the rooms, but I want us to continue to sit at the tables we don't always see ourselves at. My prayer is that I can continue to find support within this industry and give support when I see a need. The Skin Games has now broken the ice of my award winning career, and I have a feeling this is going to be a prosperous year!

Contact Caitlin Bowers:

Makeup: @caitbmua

Skincare: @manna_aesthetics

Website: www.mannamuaesthetics.as.me

Photography by: Breana Newell

The Skin GamesCaitlin BowersMakeup Artist Of The Year
Breana The Boss Babe, Social Media Director and Content Director


Breana The Boss Babe, Social Media Director and Content Director

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