TSE Industry Membership

You Deserve To Make Money Doing What You Love Most!

The Industry Membership is your exclusive community + esthetician education membership designed to take your esthetics career to the next level!

Stop chasing clients and have them chase you

Are you tired of...

Not having a community to hold you accountable for your goals and progress as an esthetician?

Not knowing the best marketing practices to have clients on a regular basis

Not staying up to date with the latest trends in the skincare industry

Not having the knowledge to run a solo esthetician business from A-Z

Not having a go-to place to improve your skillset and knowledge as an esthetician to grow

Not having the proper social media training and templates for success

Feeling alone in your esthetics journey

Look no further than The Industry Membership!

Are You Ready to go to the Next Level In Your Career? This Letter Is For You

You can’t shake the feeling that you feel stagnant and are not getting the results in your business you desire.

You’re meant to have a greater impact than you’re having now. You’re meant to love the work you do, every day. You’re meant to grow beyond where you’re at right now…

Is this resonating?

The Industry Membership Exists to Help Estheticians Build Wealth

I’ll be honest with you

When I first got started on my esthetician journey, I was completely lost and felt in over my head. I thought I could just open my business and have clients pouring in. That couldn't have been further from the truth.

You are more than an esthetician. You are a Business Owner and being a business owner comes with responsibilities such as filing taxes, having your business structure set up correctly, making sure you market on social media consistently and follow up to nurture current clients to increase their experience.

It's A LOT. But with a system in place, it makes your journey that much easier. The TSE membership is designed to encompass all things business, marketing and education for your esthetics journey so you can avoid the same mistakes I made!

We also talk budgeting and investing so you can ensure that our membership is a full-in-one solution to assist you in this wealth building process as a business owner!


The Industry Membership


What's Included:

Access to NEW social media templates every month

Access to unlimited esthetician forms

Access to a list trending reel audios monthly

Stock imagery vault

A list of recommended resources to propel your esthetics career

A NEW course, workshop or challenge each month!

Content Calendar

A Business & Money Management course that includes budgeting, tax preparation, and investment strategies (coming soon!)

Content Creation Course

Social Media Crash Course

How to get clients on autopilot course

Creating tiered reward programs for new and existing clients

SMS and email marketing campaigns for the Year

Brand kit template

A vault of customizable logos to choose from

15% discount on all events

Exclusive "in the know" products and tools

We take pride in our community, and we’re not willing to let someone waste money on a membership that’s not for them. The Industry Membership isn’t for you if you are...

An esthetician already earning a 7 figure income from your business.

An esthetician who isn't interested in raising brand awareness through an online business.

An esthetician who has a dialed-in ads strategy already + who doesn't want to spend time/energy on other revenue drivers.

An esthetician who is overcapacity with clients + business opportunities and is not accepting new clients/opportunities anytime soon.

The Industry Membership is for you if you are...

An an esthetician or in esthetics school

An esthetician who is interested in raising brand awareness for your esthetics business

An esthetician who doesn't have a dialed-in ads strategy and wants to learn

An esthetician who is ready to learn and put in the work!

An esthetician who wants a booked a calendar and is eager to take their marketing efforts to the next level

An esthetician who wants a community to hold them accountable and is willing to be helpful and uplift others